The Kiddo

Some kids naturally play with their toys. Then there is my kid. He has ADHD. Focusing is not easy for him and neither is, what would be for other children, a small level frustration. Apps for our iPhone and iPad have been great tools for him (and us) to engage him in ways that he doesn't always get from traditional toys.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Algebra for Little Ones!

Holy cow! Tyler is actually close to solving algebra problems, he's five! Now let's get real, my kid is not a genius....

He doesn't understand the equations of course... he gets adding and some subtraction...he gets that 3 x 3 is three groups of three and he knows 1 x anything - 1, 0 x anything is 0, and he knows the trick to multiplying 11s and 10s but that's the extent of multiplication... not totally grasped...

but what he does get is "method" of solving equations (which is stepped up slowly in the game).

this is exactly what an educational app should do. it starts with pictures rather than numbers (less intimidating) and "night versions of the pictures" (negatives).


Thursday, May 24, 2012

Hungry Fish

I haven't been impressed with most math apps because they just seem so uninspired. Really? do a few additions and get a sticker? I know my kid won't bother...

Then yesterday a mom told me about Hungry Fish and it is a winner for my easy to get bored kid... It is very addictive and feeding the fish to make him bigger must do something to his endorphins, he can't get enough of it.

Just combine numbered bubbles to match the number on your fish! Feed it to him and he will grow... On the way you can customize your fish.

What impressed me most is that the difficulty can be adjusted AND it goes on to subtraction, multiplication and division.

It's a keeper

Buy it here.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Monster Box

Fun Fun Fun.

Monsters pop out of box... starting with a few... slowly increasing...

Quickly determine which one doesn't belong, pop it!

Great for scanning and gets a little harder as you go....

Good focuse because it timed....

Get it HERE

Numbers League

All time favorite for my kiddo...

This is what apps should do... make math fun, not drill...

and heros! and jail! and cards!

What's not to love... addition and keeps on going...

Here is your link


Right brain fun, just keep those wheels spinning (brain and the gears). No need to read, so intuitive... and if you don't get it dropped in perfectly, it's ok (so fine motor is used but not frustrating)

Hints if you get stuck... Great for all ages...

Get it HERE.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Casey's Contraptions- Update!

Update: It's back on the market now by Rovio... It's now called Amazing Alex

Click here for fun!

We found this app on the iPad's in the children's area of an Apple store. It is one of my favorite apps of all times and one of the highest rated I have ever seen.

Casey is a boy who needs help with knocking down books, moving skateboards, breaking forts and he gives you tools for this. Using catapults, scissors, shelves, ropes and buckets there are many ways to get the job done. On the way, collect stars (making it a little tougher) and unlock each of Casey's rooms for more interesting "contraptions".

For Fantastic Fun for a right brained child click here.


Fun, free and no constraints. What's not to love?

This is an opportunity for a child to just drop balls, place ramps, tubes and spinners and get the ball to go where ever (or create a basket for catching).

It can be as easy or as hard as wanted and it's a pleasant relaxing way to observe gravity!

Great for the easily frustrated since there are no timers!

For BallFallDown click here